The Total Package, LTD, is an independent full-service market research and consulting firm in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We investigate the opinions, perceptions, and attitudes of diverse audiences in the greater Lehigh Valley area and beyond.

We work with industry leaders to provide the customized information solutions they need to make informed business decisions.

We offer flexible options specifically designed to each client’s unique needs and objectives.


Our clients include:

  • Hospitals and health care providers
  • Financial institutions
  • E-commerce
  • Brick and mortar stores

Market Research Survey participants include:

  • Current and former medical patients
  • Relatives of current and former medical patients
  • E-commerce and brick and mortar customers
  • Bank patrons

Our Guarantee:

We will provide your company with clearly written, actionable marketing data with which to guide the development and improvement of your company’s specific products and services.

We will:

  • Evaluate your company’s customers, market, and competitors by working with you to develop specific criteria to evaluate your marketing needs
  • Reduce your risk by providing concrete data with which to make informed decisions
  • Increase your competitive edge by giving you a platform for sound, profitable decisions
  • Provide quality recruiting, excellent project management, and exceptional service