About Us

Accurate information and understanding of a specific market contributes to a company’s success. As experienced marketers with extensive experience and familiarity with a variety of markets, we understand that marketing research is a fundamental requirement, and we can offer a unique real-world perspective of our clients’ needs and expectations.

We are:

  • A highly regarded marketing and sales team who founded The Total Package, Ltd. in 2007
  • Specialists experienced in recruiting, interviewing, and project support
  • A firm offers full-service marketing research that specializes in both quantitative and qualitative research and analysis

 Our goal:

  • To help clients, whether mom-and-pop or local businesses and regional or global corporations, understand the marketplaces they serve and stay connected with their customers.

The data we gather gives our clients a solid platform for sound, profitable decision-making to ensure that their businesses remain competitive, current, and relevant.

The Total Package, Ltd.

Phone: 610-867-6225

Fax: 610-419-4772

To request a proposal, please call us at 610-867-6225 or email us at tplfocusgroup@gmail.com.
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