What is Market Research

  What is Market Research?

Many companies and organizations use market research to improve the products and services they offer. A company may do market research to actively gather information about consumer’s needs and preferences. This information provides data about prospective and existing customers, competition, and the industry itself.

Market research provides relevant data to help solve marketing challenges businesses often face and includes various strategies including

  • Market segmentation
  • Identifying specific groups within a market
  • Product differentiation
  • Creating an identity for a product or service to separate it from the competitors

How do I participate?

Total Package, Ltd. seeks volunteers interested in sharing their experiences in a variety of areas. To participate in a research focus group or study:

  • Contact us by sending an email with your contact information to Robert@totalpackageltd.com or call our office 610-867-6225.
  • A member of our recruiting department will contact you.
  • We will contact you when we create a Focus Group for which you qualify.
  • Once you agree to participate, we compensate you for your time (usually 60 – 90 minutes). Compensation varies.